An Easiest way to log in to all Platforms that Westerneast use

Strictly all log ins are configured and monitored for  Westerneast Employees in protecting the data of our Customers and Clients.

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Interpret Manager

What our Information Security say?

''All Log in related concern not limited to Payroll Account needs to be forwarded to Westerneast Data and Information Protection. All Configured log ins to specific individual was undergo secured configuration, sharing log ins, and Changing company configured applications may lead to Fraud and Intentional Data Theft''

Customer Care Support

''Report all encounter unusual behavior of the Platform and all access under Westerneast Health Philippines to , subject: Report of Possible Threat to Platform. It is Important to report anything related to security that might affects our commitment in Securing, Protecting and Monitor the Data and Files of our Customers and Clients.''

Information Security Officer

Have Bright Ideas for Process Improvement?

Have an Idea on how we can speed up your workload? Westerneast rewards those Employee who can        provide an implemented process in making our Process works better for our Employees and Clients.
Simply book an Appointment for Project Discussion and one from our Operations Team will help you out Launch and Pilot that Idea.